Streamline DOC Reporting. Enhance Conservation. Empower Your Operation.

Leveraging data and technology to transform the way you manage
your DOC concessions.

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Concessions Are Challenging

Inefficient Reporting

Managing DOC concessions involves laborious, manual reporting tasks. It consumes valuable time and requires significant human resources.

Complex Compliance

Communicating and adhering to compliance responsibilities is often challenging and prone to miscommunication within teams.

Disconnected Outcomes

The current reporting system often feels detached from the environmental impact of your operations, leading to a lack of actionable insights.

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Simplified Reporting

We're developing a tool to streamline your reporting process. This will save you time, reduce manual labor, and seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows when planning tours.


Customisable Set Up

Our solution will be tailored to suit your specific concession requirements, simplifying compliance and enhancing communication within your team.


Enhanced Staff Communication

Our platform aids in effectively communicating environmental and cultural requirements to your staff and guides in itinerary documentation.


Increase Positive Impact

With optional modules for voluntary monitoring, your team can demonstrate its commitment to conservation and cultural sensitivity, setting your operation apart in the industry.


Transparent Impact Communication

Our tool not only tracks the environmental impact of your operations, but it also facilitates effective communication of this impact.

This transparency can foster trust with governing bodies, customers, and the broader community, enhancing your reputation as a responsible tour operator.

Our Mission

With our roots in providing private guiding services across New Zealand, we have a deep connection with and understanding of the protected areas we now seek to preserve. Our team has personally experienced the challenges faced by tour operators and is passionate about providing a solution that fosters environmental stewardship while improving productivity.

We're dedicated to the protection and expansion of the world's protected areas. We aim to grow them to 30% by 2030 by equipping tour operators and governing bodies with the necessary tools and data. Join us in our mission to promote data-driven environmental stewardship and productivity.

Who Will Benefit

Tour Operators:
Streamlining Processes, Enhancing Stewardship

As key players in New Zealand's tourism and conservation industry, tour operators handling DOC concessions will greatly benefit from our system. It offers a more efficient and customizable reporting process, reducing the manual workload and simplifying compliance.

This leaves operators more time to focus on providing unforgettable experiences for visitors while contributing to the protection of New Zealand's unique natural heritage.

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Governing Bodies:
Driving Informed Decisions, Facilitating Effective Management

The Department of Conservation, stand to gain from our platform's real-time tracking, benchmarking, and adaptive management capabilities.

With more timely and accurate data at their disposal, they can more effectively monitor commercial activities, visitor behavior, environmental impact, and compliance adherence.

This will support more informed decision-making and proactive management, ensuring the sustainable use and preservation of our treasured protected areas.

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